The Sensitives, Books 1-3 by Rick Wood

The First Three Books in the Gripping Demonic Horror Series

Oscar has never had much ambition in life. He is resigned to his lonely existence, spending his days behind the checkouts and his evenings behind his computer screen.

So when Oscar meets a stranger who tells him he has paranormal abilities, he's fairly certain they are crazy.

But as he learns more and more about his paranormal abilities, everything changes. He is plunged deeper and deeper into the battle against the demons of hell, finding himself part of a war he is not prepared to fight.

Will Oscar remain a loser and let the world succumb to hell? Or will he step up and become the true sensitive fate as promised he can be?

About the Author

Rick began writing stories as soon as he could write. As a child, he would shut himself away in his bedroom and bash away on his Windows 95 computer for hours. As Rick grew up, he had to overcome multiple mental health issues, including OCD, Bipolar Disorder and Tourette's Syndrom. Rick did battle through, going on to become a stand-up comedian, through which he performed three Edinburgh Fringe Festival shows. Eventually, Rick gave up the stand-up lifestyle to become an English and Drama Teacher. In 2018, Rick then gave up being a teacher and achieved his lifelong dream of being a full-time author. Rick now lives in Cheltenham, where he works hard at writing horror and thriller novels, most notably known for The Sensitives.

My Thoughts

This book took me a while to read (duh it's 3 books in one). A lot of creepy elements were in this book but I thought there was a lot of filler content that could have been left out. It made the book a lot longer than it had to be and it didn't necessarily build anything toward the story itself. I'd recommend it if you can follow a story fairly easily without things happening in each chapter. Three stars.

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