28 Grams "Family Means Nothing" by Daniel Glennon

28 Grams is a gritty tale of murder, drugs, money, family, heartbreak and love. All ending with the ultimate story of betrayal.

After witnessing the harrowing murder of his Dad, Jack vows to make something of his life and not follow the same violent path as his late Father. He tries, but soon realises that the apple does not fall far from the tree.

Jack starts to turn things around and focus on his dream of becoming a professional football player, only to fall victim to a horrific attack that leaves him fighting for his life and unable to play football ever again.

Fuelled by anger, he decides to leave his hometown and everyone that he loves, in the pursuit of money and power. His life is finally back on track, until he bumps into someone from his past, and learns the shocking truth about the people that attacked him.

Realising that his family could be in danger, he rushes to warn them. Will he get to them in time, or is it already too late?

About the Author

Daniel was born and raised in Blackpool before moving to Sunderland when he was nineteen. He is a father to three children who are the inspiration and support behind everything that he does.

His love of writing developed at an early age when he started to write short stories in school. As he got older, his hobby turned into an obsession, and he found himself spending more and more time with a pen and paper.

When he’s not writing, Daniel spends his spare time, climbing mountains, travelling, and enjoying days out with his children.

My Thoughts

This book actually got me back into reading. It's very raw with lots of swearing, beware if that isn't your thing. I personally loved it and found it to be an easy read with no fancy words. I read it in four days which is a win for me given the size of the novel. This book has one or two sex scenes in it which I didn't mind by I found them underdeveloped. Other then that, it was exciting and things happened almost every chapter. Well done. 5 Stars.

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