Stolen Tongues by Felix Blackwell

Updated: Apr 21

Originally A Contest-Winning Story

A romantic cabin getaway doesn't go exactly as planned.

High up on the windswept cliffs of Pale Peak, Faye and Felix celebrate their new engagement. But soon, a chorus of ghastly noises erupts from the nearby woods: the screams of animals, the cries of children, and the mad babble of a hundred mournful voices. A dark figure looms near the windows in the dead of night, whispering to Faye. As the weather turns deadly, Felix discovers that his terrified fiancée isn't just mumbling in her sleep - she's whispering back.

About the Author

Felix Blackwell emerged from the bowels of reddit during a botched summoning ritual. He writes novels and short stories in the horror and thriller genres, and draws most of his inspiration from his own nightmares.

My Thoughts

This. Is. My. Favorite. Book.

I LOVED this book. It was extremely creepy and it got me so good to the point I couldn't read before bed because I wouldn't be able to sleep at night. I highly recommend this book. It wasn't overly descriptive, it didn't drag out. Every chapter was filled with an event or something creepy. I have a short attention span for books and this one completely won me over and kept me engaged the entire time. One more time: I HIGHLY recommend this one. Five Stars.

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