When Shadows Creep by K. Brooks

Updated: May 16

"A novel" by an amazing indie author.

Flynn Freemont thought he’d be better off without the other Guardians and away from Caldwell Manor. He had escaped the confines of eternity within the Manor’s ever-shifting walls and found meaning in his own life and the broken ties to his temporary family. Flynn thought he was free from the old ways, the Guardians’ rules, and their responsibilities. But now, something else has come crawling into his life, sniffing at Flynn’s power.

The Darkness came, slinking out of the shadows in Flynn’s new home, Freemont House. With Flynn’s life in danger, his adoptive tribe—the other centuries-old Guardians—will do whatever it takes to bring him home. He reluctantly sheds the autonomy of his life by the sea and returns to Caldwell Manor, but the Darkness follows him, and threatens to unravel the Guardians’ very existence. The Darkness waits for Flynn's resistance to fade, in order to feed its destructive efforts to destroy the Guardians’ protective connection to the multiverse. It will bide its time, waiting to strike when the Guardians are at their weakest. In order for the Guardians to save their world—and all others—from this unknown evil, they will have to shed old wounds and forgive new betrayals to save Flynn from the darkness. And himself.

About the Author

K. Brooks is living the life with two cats, a dog, and a hubby in urban Hamilton. She works in dental recruitment, and rainy days give her the inspiration she needs to write write write! She currently has a self-published title, an indie-published title, and a third on the way!

My Thoughts

This book was extremely well written. I felt as if I was reading something vintage and timeless. The story itself is strong and poetic. Descriptive, but not overly drowned out with filler content. It isn't usually the type of story I would normally go for, but I enjoyed it a lot. The cover itself is absolutely sweet! Good job! 5 Stars.

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