Distorted Purposes by Morgan Douglas

Updated: May 16

Indie Author Edition!

Out of nowhere, a mass shapeshifting event happened around the world. Human beings were instantly transformed into indistinguishable blank figures and trapped inside their bodies. The challenge of changing them all back rests on just a few who were left unchanged. What they will discover is a nefarious plot devised by two government officials to use the People Morphing Plan as a bargaining chip to push their own agenda.

Will they be successful in making the leaders of the world comply with their demands?

About the Author

Morgan Douglas is a research scientist that is fascinated with scientific topics such as biology and chemistry. She has two Bachelor's degrees, which are Biomedical Science, Criminal Justice, and a minor in Chemistry. She finds that writing fiction is a wonderful way to express herself and is something she enjoys outside of her work. She also plays the ukulele and volunteers at a local urban farm. As a queer woman, she has been finding joy in being more involved in the community. After having COVID-19, she found that writing was a huge outlet amongst the chaos of the pandemic.

My Thoughts

The outline of this story is good and exciting. I struggled with the high amount of characters in this book without very much character development. It probably would have been easier if I made myself a character tree to help follow along. Otherwise this novel takes us through a mysterious adventure that is stimulating. It's evident the author loves sciences because it was incorporated into the writing. As someone who likes a fast paced book, I found this one to be a bit too fast paced. Which made it hard to follow what was going on in the moment. All in all, it was a decent fiction book! 3 Stars.

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