Photographs of October by M.K. Deppner

Updated: May 16

"A Novel" by an amazing indie author!

"What Olivia doesn't know about her past might kill her. If the past itself doesn't take her first."

Olivia Norwich isn’t bothered by the disappearances in the sleepy university town of Warren, Kansas. As a photography instructor, she’s preoccupied with an impossible deadline for the town’s Harvest Festival at the end of October. Her research for the project takes her back in time to Warren’s tumultuous past, and when ghosts from that era begin to stir, Olivia discovers that the past and present are more entangled than she ever knew.

It's 1897, and Evelyn Weatherford must navigate the delicate balance of the reality of life on the prairie and her dream of attending the town’s university. Her actions inadvertently land her in the middle of a feud between two families whose bitter rivalry is brought to a head during Evelyn’s lifetime.

A novel about ancestral memory and how choices can echo across the centuries.

About the Author

M.K. Deppner lives in the shade of the cottonwood trees of the Midwest. Deppner has her M.A. in English and Creative Writing from Kansas State University and has always been inspired by the rich history of the Flint Hills region where Photographs of October and A Rare Find are set. She is a multi-genre author and creative entrepreneur who enjoys encouraging and teaching writers.

My Thoughts

I LOVED THIS BOOK! It's the longest novel I've ever read (not including Harry Potter) and wow. The way the author put this together is incredible. How it rotates from past and present so effortlessly is astonishing. It was creepy but intriguing. I enjoyed this novel very much! 5 Stars without a doubt.

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