The Spark That Left Us by K. Brooks

Updated: May 16

"A Novel" by an amazing indie author!

After being unceremoniously dumped into the world of psychic serial killers and sellers of secrets by her unmanageable sister and absent twin brother, Addy Byrne must travel across the States in a race against time to save their souls. Accompanied by Deke, the stranger who broke into her home to escape the fate he had been dealt by the collectors, she soon learns that the electricity between them is more than just feelings — the man has lightning streaming from his pores and running across his skin when he becomes feral and fearfully charged.

Will they find Addy’s brother? Will they save Deke from his fate? Only when Addy finds the answers to her own death and rebirth can she learn the truth: Some secrets are better left dead.

About the Author

K. Brooks is living the life with two cats, a dog, and a hubby in urban Hamilton. She works in dental recruitment, and rainy days give her the inspiration she needs to write write write! She currently has a self-published title, an indie-published title, and a third on the way!

My Thoughts

I really enjoyed this novel. The author has a unique way to grasp the reader's interest from the beginning and she's able to keep your attention until the very end. There are many twists and turns along the way which I loved! Very good read. 5 Stars.

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