Catch the Moon, Mary by Wendy Waters

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A novel by an amazing indie author!

This is a magical story about a gifted but vulnerable girl who is both saved and damned by an angel who falls in love with her music and claims it as his own in a Faustian pact. With Mary in his thrall, he ruthlessly kills those who threaten his plan to bring Mary to Carnegie Hall where her talent will be hailed supreme. Sunday Express, March 2017: ‘Catch the Moon, Mary is one of my six favourite books’ – Amanda Redman, actress/director/arts patron/head of ATS, New Tricks, The Good Karma Hospital, Sexy Beast ‘Beyond beautiful’ – Simon Egerton, singer-songwriter, composer, lyricist ‘Original and scintillating, tantalizing and thought-provoking. A novel about the transformative powers of music and beauty’ – Hazel Philips OAM, Gold Logie winner, author of Black River, Bright Star ‘Weaves a singular spell mesmerizing the reader on several levels like a fugue. Wendy Waters and her characters believe deeply in the power of music, which pours lyrically from her sentences’ – Joshua Rosenblum, composer, conductor, music critic ‘A rare and ingenious glimpse into the real and the surreal. Waters interfaces these twin realities with ease and dexterity, reminding us of the profound yet often neglected depth of imagination. A brave and unique journey’ – Gerry Taylor-Wood, international lecturer on Esoteric Sciences and author of The Journey to the Sacred Well

About the Author

Wendy Waters is an award-winning author, composer, lyricist and librettist. Born in Queensland, she grew up in Sydney, lived in the USA for six years, travelled extensively, and now lives in Sydney, Australia. In 2011 she volunteered to work with OASIS Salvation Army Crisis Centre in Sydney, motivating musically talented, underprivileged children which gave her the inspiration for her debut novel, Catch the Moon, Mary.

In 2015 Amanda Redman suggested Waters write a play based on her novel. The play, co-written by Waters and Jemina Macedo had a staged reading at the Tristan Bates Theatre on 3rd September 2017.

Waters has written three musicals: ALEXANDER, FRED and MIRIAM and is currently writing Book & Lyrics for THE LAST TALE with composer Shanon D. Whitelock and Book & Lyrics for a two-hander book musical, THE LOVESONG OF RUBEN KEYES.

FRED, a four-hander book musical was produced in Australia in June 2018 by the Tweed Theatre Company and will have a virtual staged reading at the end of March by Thornhill Theatre Space. You can listen to songs from FRED on Waters’ site

WENDY WATERS RITES WORDS –a Cabaret featuring songs from three of Waters’ musicals, ALEXANDER, FRED & THE LAST TALE was staged at The Pheasantry in London on 3rd September 2019. The show featured singers, Frank Loman, Lauren Lovejoy and Louise Burke. On piano was composer, Ricardo Nunes Fernandes.

My Thoughts

The author has a very unique and descriptive way to illustrate the powers of music and beauty throughout the book. Lots of twists and turns along the way. Very captivating and quite an enjoyable read. This book does have a religious aspect to it, so if you aren't okay with that then I'd suggest looking elsewhere. I'm not religious and I enjoyed this book. 5 Stars.

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