"....this would never happen to me so there must be a logical explanation to what is going on...."

All seems normal and well from the outside. But something doesn't seem quite right to this little girl, she knows there is more than what appears. A certain horror is lurking within her family.

Will she uncover the secret?

Is the demon haunting her there for a reason?



Year of production: 2023

Running Time: 2:30 min

Color / Sound / Subtitled

Just when young Charlie thinks the worst of her life challenges are over, the walking nightmare Jackson comes into her life with his soft sandy brown hair down to his shoulders. His beautiful mesmerizing eyes pull her in with every glance, and his presence is uncontrollably attractive to her.

But this is not a love story.

What young Charlie will soon realize is that this nightmare hasn't shown its colours yet. Jackson may have some secrets of his own. 

Patterns will start to be noticed, but at what cost?

Cover Final Entry.webp

Robin, a young single mom, imagined for so long the possibility of owning a house like this one, her dream home. It stands tall, overlooking a large beautiful yard, with quite a spectacular tree that could take your breath away.

What Robin doesn't know is that this house has a dark past. A history that would slowly consume her. The attractive idea of her dream home would later be described as a nightmare as she uncovers the horrors that took place there.


Will she and her son escape?